Finally, a book on vintage Rolex Datejust!

It is easily the most popular vintage watch of the moment. But weirdly, the Rolex Datejust did not have its own book yet. That has just changed!

Our very own Thomas van Straaten has taken on the challenge of writing a comprehensive book on vintage Rolex Datejust from 1945-1990: “The vintage Rolex Datejust buyer’s & collector’s guide”

You may have encountered his writing before, as he takes care of most of AWCo’s product texts and blog articles. This time, however, he took on a project of an entirely different scale.

A temorary design mock-up of the upcoming book

The vintage Rolex Datejust buyer’s & collector’s guide

The book has been launched on Kickstarter, reaching its required funding goal in a day-and-a-half. It is, however, still possible to buy your copy at a discounted early-supporter price until September 30th 2021. 

Get the book on Kickstarter

The book covers, among other things:

  • Complete Datejust history 1945-1990
  • All significant references from that era
  • Photography of common, rare and super-exotic examples
  • Microscope imagery of dials and significant details
  • Buying guide, how to buy a vintage Datejust with security and confidence
  • Full reference lists
Temporary pre-design mock-up of a very rare authorized-dealer-sold Datejust on President bracelet configuration, as described in the book

Media attention

This release has received a lot of attention from renowned watch media. Have a look at some of the publications here:

The book is scheduled to be released in March 2022, when it will also become available at Amsterdam Watch Company.

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