About us

Amsterdam Watch Company (AWCo) is your ultimate destination for buying, selling, and exploring vintage watches. With our extensive experience since 2001, we’ve established a distinguished reputation and a global clientele. Our passion for vintage timepieces is evident in our unparalleled selection of premium watches from renowned brands like Omega, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Audemars Piguet, and Cartier.

Each watch we offer has its own unique story, having lived a life before finding its way to you. Our team of knowledgeable experts takes pride in sharing their expertise, assisting you in finding the perfect timepiece and unveiling the captivating stories behind them.

Located at Reestraat 3 in Amsterdam’s charming ‘Nine Streets’ district, our boutique invites you to immerse yourself in the world of vintage watches. Visit Amsterdam Watch Company and experience our exceptional service and unrivalled collection. Discover more about AWCo and start your horological journey with us.

Our founders


Owner and founder

Passionate watch collector and certified watchmaker Toesja is the co-owner of Amsterdam Watch Company. Together with Roel, she runs AWCo since 2001 and controls all finances and maintenance all contacts within the watch trader network. Because of her well-kept contacts and attention for details, she knows exactly how to lay first hand on the most exclusive watches all around the world.

No one knows better than how to keep a collection profound. It might be the most important side to remain interesting for your customers.


Owner and founder

Another great passionate watch collector and certified watchmaker. Roel is the co-owner of Amsterdam Watch Company. Roel and Toesja met each other in Hoorn whilst studying watchmaking and both graduated. Together they dreamed of having a vintage watch store, and in 2001 they opened their AWCo store in the Hartenstraat which later moved to the Reestraat.

Roel’s endless passion for watches, the technique, and heritage make that he’s always looking for the most extraordinary watches ever made; both well-known and unknown brands.

Our team



Where can you find us?

Like you, we love a great vintage time piece. Our everchanging collection is a reflection of the passion we would like you to be part of.

Reestraat 3
1016 DM Amsterdam

Our way of working and FAQ

Where do you find the watches from your collection?

Most of the watches we sell in our store are acquired from offering customers in the shop. However, the most extraordinary and limited watches we offer are being bought preliminary from our international network of trusted traders. Every single trade we do is always with trust, good faith and full identification, we do this to ensure our customers that all uncertainties are exiled.

Do you buy watches?

Yes, we certainly do! Finding good watches is one of the things we do most on a regular working day. Single or multiple pieces, with or without the original box & papers, defect or working, if the watch is right we’re interested. If the feeling is right, we’ll definitely make you an offer. The payment can be done in cash or by means of a bank transfer.

Do you appraise watches?

When we sell a watch, it’s our pleasure to give an appraisal of the product. We’ll explain to you the value of the product and put it in black and white on a warranty certificate, this is simultaneously a certificate which can be of use for your insurance. In general, the Amsterdam Watch Company does not do appraisals on watches which did not pass through our store, feel free to visit us for more information.

Do you repair watches?

Yes, we repair watches which are in the selection of top Swiss brands we offer in our store. The majority of the vintage watches are repaired in our own workshop in which the experts work with authorized and the best equipment. When it comes to more modern pieces or difficult movements, the Amsterdam watch company has a service contract with most of the top Swiss watch brands so we can ensure the sustainability of almost all watches. Click this link to read more about our terms and conditions on watch repairs.

What is the difference between vintage and modern watches?

To us, used watches are not automatically vintage pieces. In our opinion, vintage watches are those models which radiate authenticity, with a specific periodical character and with its own purpose when they were introduced to the world. In general, our assumption is that the vintage watch era is from about 1940 to 1990, but there are of course some exceptions.

Do you buy entire watch collections?

The search and activity of collecting watches is to many people a derailed hobby and a lifework. Sometimes there’s a moment in life when this comes to an end or people are ready to wave goodbye to (a part of) their watch collection. Whether its concerns a varied collection or a very specific one, we’re often in the market to buy entire collections.

Are all of your watches on the website?

All the watches which are for sale are always on our website and physically present in the store. However, there are even more watches which aren’t on the website yet but may be for sale already, some are simply not photographed yet and there are watches that will soon return from the workshop. So if you’re looking for a specific watch and it’s not on the website, feel free to ask us about it, we may be able to help you.

I’m looking for a certain special watch, can you help me?

Finding the perfect special vintage watch can be challenging. We are pleased to assist you in your search. We have a request catalog for customers but we do need specifics, just a brand and a year won’t do the job. Visit our store or get in touch with us so we can activate a search and you’ll get notified when we’ve got what you’re looking for.

What warranty do you give?

We give a 12-month warranty on all the vintage watches in our store. In a 12-month period, the full mechanical movement of any watch will have moved entirely, so if something is not in the right order you’ll always be in time to let us fix it. Read more about our warranty by clicking this link.

Do you advise customers when it comes to investing in watch collections?

Yes, we do, with almost two decades of experience we have the knowledge to explain trends and developments in the watch market for as this is possible. Therefore, it’s our pleasure to help you put together a nice and complete watch collection to your personal taste, with risk assessment and profits in mind. If you’re interested in doing such a thing, feel free to contact us or stop by for a cup of coffee.

I’m an international customer, do I have to pay import taxes and fees on the watch I purchase?

We sell and ship to customers worldwide. Vintage, thus pre-owned watches, in the Netherlands, are under the ‘margin’ legislation. This legislation ensures it’s NOT possible to retrieve any VAT / taxes on pre-owned products.

I live abroad, do you ship internationally?

To us, it is no problem to ship internationally. When it comes to purchasing from abroad we’d like to discuss the terms of shipment, insurance and costs personally to tell you about the different possible methods and possibilities.

Can I change or cancel my order?

No problem, as long as the product is in the exact same condition as it was sold and within a reasonable time, we can undo the purchase. Read our warranty and return policy terms by clicking this link.

Can I find you on social media?

Of course, we’re active on social media. On Instagram, we give our followers an impression that speaks to the emotions and imagination of watch enthusiasts. On the Instagram stories, we try to show you as much of what comes in and happens backstage at the AWCo with no filters or nonsense attached. You can find us on Facebook and Pinterest as well.

What type of watch-shop are you?

To start with, we are watch lovers, enthusiasts who appreciate the product. We started off as educated watch-repairers and along the way, we became collectors ourselves. Over time we started to specialize in more and more watches and now with almost 2 decades of experience, we have a well-filled store with a big variety of beautiful watches. When Dutch people think of vintage watches, the AWCo always is one of the first places people will turn to.

I’m looking for a second opinion on a watch, can you help me?

Unfortunately not. We like to share our knowledge with customers and we trust our own collection for 100%. We work hard to keep it this way and this is built upon years of hard work and experience. Our store is about trust and an honest story with a watch. However, our time is valuable so we rather don’t want to put it in watches which have no relation to our business.