Two special Squale watches

Exclusively available in Europe through AWCo.

By Thomas van Straaten on 16 April 2020

Two special Squale watches

If you are familiar with Squale, you probably know about their rich heritage in the diving world. The brand has always been closely involved with the sport. Not in big flashy sponsor deals, but oftentimes under the radar, providing divers with trusty tools. Today, we are proud to introduce two more Squale models.

"...a Swiss jet-setter by the name of Charles von Buren started making watch cases."


Let’s start off with a little bit of background. In 1946, a Swiss jet-setter by the name of Charles von Buren started making watch cases. An avid diver himself, he focussed on high-quality cases for dive watches. Among his clientele were Blancpain, Doxa, Zenith and many others. These watches were often double signed. The watch maker’s brand at twelve, the Squale brand at six, designating them as case makers.

In 1959 Charles decided to start making his own complete watches under the name Squale (roughly translating to “Shark” in Italian and French). As a reference to its rich history as a case maker, Squale watches were double signed as well. Except for this time, both designations read ‘Squale’.

The brand quickly became popular in the diving world and was even adopted by the Italian navy. The brand was later handed over to the Italian Maggi family, who were close to the Von Burens. This family still runs the brand today.

1545 – black

The first one of two new models is the 20 Atmos Sub. Exclusively available in Europe through AWCo, so you will not see a lot of these on the streets. Aesthetically, this model is almost like a best-of album of dive watches. It has numerous features reminiscent of several legendary vintage dive watches. But above all, it is Squale through and through.

Technically, this watch brings a whole lot of bang for your buck. A 200-meter diver, automatic movement, sapphire crystal, sturdy oyster style bracelet with screwed links and a 40mm case, which is pretty much the sweet spot for any wrist size. And that orange minute hand just gives that summer feeling. Someone needs to take this watch to the sea or a swimming pool! Price: €895,-

"Although it looks vintage, you get all the modern tech."

60 Years – blue sunburst

AWCo is also the first in Europe to feature the 60th-anniversary blue Squale. A watch that is almost like an encapsulated memory of days gone by, to celebrate the brand’s sixtieth birthday. It is thoroughly new but has that vintage feel to it. Measuring in at 41mm at the bezel (which overhangs a narrower case by a bit) it has all the design elements of divers from the early sixties.

Although it looks vintage, you get all the modern tech. The domed crystal might look like acrylic, but it is in fact sapphire. And while the bezel looks like an old-school bakelite variant, it is actually made of sapphire as well. A very cool looking watch, with true diving capabilities, on a supple rubber strap. A winner if you ask us! Price: €1495,-

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