Trade-in conditions

Trade for an upgrade? Read here our trade-in conditions.

So, you bought a watch at Amsterdam Watch Company in the past and now it looks like you are ready for an upgrade. Well, lucky you, we are happy to help out customers who bought at us. After a minimum possession of two years of your watch, you can trade it back in. Take a closer look at our trade conditions and see whether you can trade in your current watch to get that splendid upgrade.


  • You have the receipt of purchase and the warranty certificate.
    The watch is in perfect and working condition (the same as it was sold in, corresponding with our photography) and just as complete as when you bought the watch (including the possible box, papers, service papers, etc.).
  • The watch and the movement have only been serviced by us, Amsterdam Watch Company.
    No external or internal adjustments have been done, for example, engravings or polishing.
  • It is only possible to trade in a watch 1:1 (one watch for one upgrade).
  • You can trade in your current vintage watch for another pre-owned watch or a new (modern) one.
  • It is not possible to trade in your modern new watch (these are watches bought from our dealer collection, Van der Gang, Van der Klaauw, etc.).
  • Did you buy a vintage watch with the label ‘New Old Stock’ or ‘Unworn’? Then it is only possible to trade in the watch when it is still unworn (same condition).
  • You’ll have to ‘grow’ in value with 50% in relation to the price of the watch you bought at us and want to trade in. Only then we will trade watches and promise you back the amount of money you initially paid for it.

Amsterdam Watch Company keeps the right to change or expand these trade conditions without any notification. Also, during the explanation and application of the trade conditions, Amsterdam Watch Company is always leading.