The latest edition to the ‘Original’ family

Van der Gang Watches introduces an exclusive addition to the ‘Original’ family.

By AWCo on 3 September 2019

An original, Dutch and glorious design, the new 18k.-rose gold ‘Original’ by Wiebe Van der Gang elevates the collection to new heights.

After the successful re-edition of the ‘Original’, the time has come for Van der Gang watches to broaden the collection even more; an 18k.-rose gold model has been added to the Original family and it’s an unmistakenly luxurious and beautiful watch.

Rhodanized Appliqués and elegant leaf-like hands

The Original was already a luxurious piece; rhodianized appliques, elegant and slim leaf-like hands and a perfectly balanced dial lay-out. The craftsmanship on the glossy stainless steel watch case is even easily visible from a distance, just imagine how this rose gold piece looks, absolute perfection. Van der Gang watches’ new rose gold Original combines sportiness with classic design. It’s no surprise Wybe Van der Gang has developed an impressive reputation with his watches over the last 20 years.

The diameter of this watch is 41mm. with a perfectly integrated domed sapphire crystal which makes the watch look slim on the wrist. The silvered dial has lots to show; an open-worked day and month window on top, a centralised date-hand and furthermore different chronograph functions are housed in this watch.

The domed sapphire crystal has another function apart from making the watch look slim, this domed structure causes the light radiance on the dial to change much more compared to flat crystals, making the face more unique and exciting throughout the day.

Van Der Gang watches limits all watches to a certain amount of pieces which is good for exclusivity and value. This rose gold beauty will be produced only 337 times in total which is a relatively low number. Visit our store or contact us by any means for more information.

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