The AWCo Shop

A paradise for watch enthusiasts. Right in the middle of the city center, you will find our store Amsterdam Watch Company, also known as AWCo.

By AWCo on 21 June 2019

Right in the middle of the city, in the famous ‘Nine Streets’ shopping area, you will find our store Amsterdam Watch Company, also known as AWCo. Which is a true must-go if you are a lover or collector of premium vintage watches.

Our passion

Our passion begins with mechanical movements and it ends at… well, it doesn’t end anywhere. And that’s what you will experience once you have entered the store which is open 5 days a week. From smaller vintage brands up to the big well-known Swiss brands like Rolex and Omega, you can find it all in our store.

Not sure yet what you are looking for?

No problem. We are here to help you out and guide you through the world of vintage watches. Even if this world is new for you, we know best how to introduce you to the vintage watch world as it has never been different.

Our love for premium watches is indescribable and our love for vintage Speedmasters even more. In the store, you can find all sorts of Speedmasters that will make your heart skip a beat. From 1957 (pre-moon) up to the current designs; we have it all. Prepare yourself for a journey trough Speedmaster time!

Of course, not only Speedmaster can be found in the shop. Our incredible range of Rolex watches is something that can’t be missed as well. Keep a close eye on the Day-dates, GMT’s, Submariners and a Daytona here and there. And, to make the collection even more compelling, all other famous Swiss brands like Jaeger LeCoultre, IWC, and Patek Philippe are present as well.

A collection of modern watches by small brands.

Although vintage watches are our specialty, we also bring a very interesting collection of modern watches by small brands as well. For instance, the stunning designs by Van Der Gang Watches or Van Der Klaauw, but also German brand D. Dornblüth and Junghans. All designs and movements are incredibly well-made and definitely worth the attention.

And, once you have fallen in love with one of our beauties, vintage or modern, you can finish it up with a beautiful AWCo leather strap. Choose from an endless wide range of colors and materials that all complement your daily look. Which by the way, are all available online; in case you regret not choosing both colors with the new watch.

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