Tudor Mini Sub Ref.73091Tudor Mini Sub Ref.73091

Tudor Mini Sub Ref.73091

Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf is a rather special kind of entrepreneur. Most of us would kill to launch a single, reasonably successful watch brand. Mr. Wilsdorf launched two massive hits in his lifetime.

Looking for a more affordable alternative to his first creation, Rolex, Wilsdorf founded Tudor. Many Tudors featured Rolex cases and other parts, fitted with generic Swiss movements to keep the price down. A success formula as it turns out.

Here we have a very cool example that you would not find in Rolex’s catalogue: the Mini Sub. A full-blown Submariner in 33mm size. Perfect for the sporty lady. The regular-sized submariner is already a very versatile watch, but the smaller size makes it even more so. Like saffron or vanilla, the joy is just a little more concentrated!

This example features a bicolor execution, steel and yellow gold-plated. The black dial is fitted with small applied indices, a so-called nipple dial. The chique black and bicolor combination make this example just ever so slightly more dressy than its full steel counterparts.


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