Rolex Oyster perpetual ref 177200Rolex Oyster perpetual ref 177200

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Ref. 177200 Full set

A midsize Rolex with a rather special dial. One of those watches you fall in love with or you don’t! And if you do, you will not be able to forget it.

The Oyster Perpetual is the cleanest line Rolex makes. It is Rolex distilled to its purest essence. The Oyster case we all know and love. Here also paired with the Oyster bracelet for a sporty aesthetic. But unlike its brothers and sisters, the OP features no complications. No day, date or chronograph. No dive time or second timezone bezel. Just the time. But boy, does it look smooth!

This example features a 3-6-9 dial, but not in the famous Explorer style. This dial is a little more playful. Subdued in color, but lifely in layout. If you fall for it, you’re lost…

Oh, and it is full set. So what more could you possibly desire from a time-only Rollie?


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