Rolex Datejust 12633Rolex Datejust 12633

Rolex Datejust Ref. 16233 ‘Papers’

On offer here is a stunningly sharp Datejust from just after the switch from acrylic to sapphire crystals. This still very much has the feel of a vintage Datejust, but the ruggedness of a modern sapphire model. A perfect blend if you are concerned an acrylic crystal might not survive your lifestyle.

The two-tone case and Jubilee bracelet are beautifully offset by the stark matte black dial. This is an original Rolex dial and handset from the LumiNova era, likely replaced in service about a decade after the watch was made.

If it is a two-tone bridge between vintage and modern you are after, this could be the perfect sapphire Rolex Datejust for you!

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