Aquastar Seatime

he Aquastar Seatime first appeared on the market around 1970. This model was available in a men’s version (40mm) and a smaller women’s version. The watch has an internal rotating bezel. According to Aquastar, preferable to an external bezel because it picks up less dirt and damages less quickly. The watch was originally available with a blue and silver dial. The timepiece is an A. Schild, caliber 1902.

The copy that we offer you here is in very good condition. The size is 40mm in diameter and the dial is silver-colored. The watch can be traced back to around 1977. Are you looking for a vintage diving watch from a top brand in the field of diving watches, then look no further. A small side note is that the watch, considering the age, is no longer suitable for diving. You do get a one-year warranty, so ‘desk diving’ is no problem.

Year 1977


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