Rolex Cocktail 666Rolex Cocktail 666

Rolex Cocktail Watch Ref. 666 Lapis Lazuli

Introducing a true vintage gem from the 1970s – the Rolex cocktail watch. This timepiece is a testament to the elegance of a bygone era and showcases Rolex’s craftsmanship in a unique way.

What sets this watch apart is its exceptionally rare Lapis Lazuli dial. The deep blue hue adorned with golden flecks makes it a collector’s dream. Framing this exquisite dial is a diamond-studded bezel, adding a touch of timeless sophistication and luxury.

While the 1970s saw the rise of automatic movements, this Rolex cocktail watch proudly features a manual movement. Winding the crown becomes a deliberate act, a connection to the art of watchmaking.

The watch’s uniqueness extends to its Art Deco 18k white gold bracelet, a masterpiece in itself that adds vintage glamour to your wrist. It’s important to note that this Rolex cocktail watch is a rarity within the Rolex collection. Rolex is renowned for its sport and tool watches, making this luxurious cocktail watch a truly uncommon find among their offerings.

Exciting news for watch enthusiasts! This exceptional Rolex cocktail watch will be showcased at PAN 2023, a prestigious event for horological treasures. Don’t miss the chance to witness this exceptional piece in person.

Elevate your style and own a piece of horological history with this vintage Rolex cocktail watch. Its very rare Lapis Lazuli dial, diamond bezel, manual movement, and unique Art Deco 18k white gold bracelet make it a true collector’s item. Prepare to turn heads and make a statement with this exquisite timepiece at PAN 2023!


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Brand Rolex
Movement Hand-wound
Model Cocktail watch
Diameter 23 mm
Reference 666
Bracelet/strap: Gold
Year of production (circa) 1970s
Set Content Watch only
Material 18K White gold
Warranty 2 year (AWCo)
Crystal Mineral
Dial color Blue

Rolex is the absolute king of everyday watches. If it is haute horlogerie or the pinnacle of artistry in finishing techniques you are after, look elsewhere. But for pure everyday function, ruggedness and refinement, Rolex wears the crown.

The brand was founded by Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf in London in 1905. In 1908, the name “Rolex” was registered. The brand would put a host of firsts and records to its name in the decades that followed. From the first chronometer rated wristwatch in 1910 to the first wristwatch with a water resistance of 100 meters in 1953.

A range of waterproofing measures, among which a screw-down-crown, resulted in the famous Oyster case. Up to this day it is the basic platform on which the vast majority of Rolex watches is built. Model names often feature both the Oyster (water resistance) and Perpetual (self-winding movement) terminology, followed by a specific model designation such as Datejust or Submariner.

Both modern and vintage Rolex watches are highly sought-after. They are broadly appreciated for their timeless designs, functional toughness, reliability, brand recognition and value retention.


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Year of production (circa)



18K White gold



Dial color





23 mm



Set Content

Watch only