Chocolate Brown Archipelo Glossy Leather Watch Strap

Discover the allure of lizard hides boasting a radiant, glossy finish. Our skilled artisans meticulously enhance this shine by delicately rolling an agate stone across the leather, resulting in a sumptuous gleam. Over time, experience the exquisite transformation of lizard leather as it ages gracefully and gains remarkable suppleness. Elevate your style with watch straps that embody timeless luxury and unparalleled beauty.

At Amsterdam Watch Company, our exclusive watch straps are skillfully crafted to perfection in Europe. Made with the highest-grade materials, each strap is tailored specifically for our timepieces.

Please note: While the product displayed on the watch may feature a specific color, we provide a range of options to ensure a seamless match with your vintage timepiece. Explore our diverse array of colors and envision how our watch straps will perfectly complement your watch.

€ 119

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Lug Width

18 x 16 mm, 20 x 16 mm

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