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Rolex Chronometer Precision Dennison Star dial

Are you looking for a Rolex that is unlike any other? Are you a truly original spirit? Then this is the watch for you!

Dating back to the early fifties, this Oyster Precision is housed in an elegant 9k yellow gold case made by a British case maker, Dennison. The Dennison watch case company was set up in Birmingham UK in 1874. Of course with Rolex being founded in the UK before moving to Switzerland, and the house sourcing its parts from multiple suppliers before vertically integrating around the turn of the 20th to the 21st century, a link between the two was easily laid.

This particular case is slim, angular, and sharp, unlike the curvaceous Rolex Oyster case you may be more familiar with. Being subtly sized, it will easily grace the wrist of both men and women.

Of course the case is not the only rarity here. Rolex made a small number of star dials in the early 1950s. And isn’t this a gorgeous example?
The entire watch has aged beautifully with a nice and even patina. We have paired it with a black Russian leather strap.

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