Patek Philippe Ref. 1513

If you like ’em rare, here is something that may be right up your alley!

Patek Philippe dress watches are usually made out of precious metals. It is only on rare occasions that you run into a steel one. To find one with a steel case and rose gold lugs is then infinitely rarer still. Yet, here it is! And isn’t it stunning?

The story of rarity continues when we look at the movement. The keen-eyed may have spotted that this specimen features a central seconds hand, while most Pateks from this age come with a sub-dial seconds hand at six o’clock. The caliber inside tells a tale of this rather new feature. The 12″”12 caliber was Patek Philippe’s first in-house wristwatch movement. This is an adapted version from the normal sub-seconds-at-six. As you can clearly see from the movement picture, there is an out-of-place looking part that is eerily similar to a coupling clutch found in chronograph movements. This is the part that engages the seconds hand when you activate the chronograph. That precise part is used here, but always engaged. A clever workaround to the problem: how do we fix a seconds hand to the same central axis as the hours and minutes? If you look at later time-only calibers, you see this workaround has been omitted. Building a center-seconds caliber from the ground up allows for more elegant solutions than what you see here.

So this beautiful Ref. 1513 represents an extremely interesting part of Patek history. It is living proof of how watchmaking technology progressed over the decades. Add to that a very rare case and beautiful dial and you have a real winner on your hands.

Two notes:
– You may see some blue spots around the crown. This is some residue grease, used in the tube. Of course this should not have made it to the photographs but rest assured it is of course cleaned off the exterior.
– The original Patek Philippe strap is still fitted to the watch. We opted to leave it on, expecting this watch might end up in a Patek collection. For your daily wear, we will of course include a new AWCo strap of your choice.

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Patek Philippe

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