Rolex Datejust Ref. 1602

True Italian craftsmanship on an unmistaken Swiss icon.

The Rolex Datejust is known by many, mostly for its timeless and beautiful design. The 36mm wristwatch has been around since 1945, and probably will be for the rest of our lifetimes. Rolex is quite a conservative brand when we look at the evolution of their watches. Many features of the classic Datejust have never been compromised throughout its existence and for this reason, people love the model with no regard to its age. However, some features on Datejusts can only be found on earlier models and that is what makes this Rolex so special.

This Datejust with reference 1602 is from 1958. In this period of production Rolex still used the leaf-hands. The leaf-like shaped hands give the watch definitely a more luxurious and crafty feeling compared to the baton hands introduced in the early sixties. The time appropriate swiss only dial has developed a beautiful patina over the years, and now has a perfect transition in terms of colour towards the case.

What makes this Datejust so special is obviously the Florentine finish on the watch case. Between the 1950s and 1970s the decoration of gold jewellery was very popular, there was a good market for unique luxury pieces, with the result that even a conservative brand like Rolex had a few rare gold finishes on offer. To be more clear on this statement, these untraditional gold finishes were extremely rare. Some Day-dates and Datejusts got unique references which are very hard to find, like this 1602. The Florentine finish means a cross hatch engraved pattern of very thin lines. This traditionally Italian craftsmanship is very beautiful and extremely rare on Rolex watches. The gold surface on this Datejust now plays with the eyes like no other.

If you are looking for a gold Datejust which you’ll probably never see on someone else’s wrist, stop looking. A solid gold Datejust from the 1950s is a beautiful thing already, but this finish you’ve got to come to see for yourself. Available now!

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