CArtier Cocktail watch 18kCArtier Cocktail watch 18k

Cartier Cocktail Watch 18k ‘Calibre 104’

We are extremely proud to present an exquisite piece of jewelry and a technical masterpiece in one. This is the Cartier Calibre 104.

With a case measuring a minute 18 x 6,7 x 5,8 millimetres, this little gem is still fitted with a hand-wound mechanical movement in baguette form-factor.

We have to go all the way back to 1929, to find the predecessor to this movement, the Cal. 101 by the European Watch & Clock company, a cooperation between Cartier and Jaeger. This watch movement is still the smallest ever made today. It was built around a new philosphy: Duoplan. This design broke the traditional watch movement in two and stacked them, resulting in two layers, hence the name Duoplan. This enabled Jaeger to create calibers with a significantly smaller footprint. The crown was moved to the back, resulting in the nickname “Back-winder”. The Cal. 104 we find here was ever so slightly bigger at 5,8 x 16 x 3,4 mm’s, but still impressively tiny.

Such a small movement allows the magicians at Cartier the freedom to design one of the most elegant lady’s watches you will ever lay eyes on. It is so small that it almost feels surreal, especially when you realize that there is a fully functioning mechanical movement packed into a case that is smaller than the average vitamin pill.

Cartier chose to integrate the case and bracelet. But not like an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is fitted with an integrated bracelet. No, the watch case is completely blended, almost hidden in the rat’s tail bracelet. The result is an 18k yellow gold piece of jewelry that is quite simply stunning to behold.

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Year of production (circa)



18k Yellow gold



Dial color