Rolex submariner 16613Rolex submariner 16613

Rolex Submariner Ref.16613 ‘Blue’

The Notorious Sub with a luxury twist.

The Submariner is hot, never before was the entire world of wristwatches so focussed on one brand than now, 2020. The first of September Rolex unveiled the new models, including a new Submariner, it’s pretty conservative but some nice new (old) colorways and materials are used, and of course the long-expected upgrades on the movement. It is a pity that the market for those new ceramic stainless steel pieces is rotten to its core, so we’re happy to have this piece for the enthusiasts who buy a sub because they like them and don’t want to flip it asap for a quick profit.

So, this is the 16613 Submariner from 2001, with blue dial and bezel. The blue colour in combination with the steel and gold bracelet gives a beautiful luxury twist to this watch. It’s not like the cheap blue on the ceramic subs, but a deep dark blue with gold letter printing on the dial. It’s not as flashy as the ceramics, but still has everything you want from a modern wristwatch. The 40mm sports watch is mostly worn by gentlemen, but in this composition, a woman could even wear it in style.

The condition of this timepiece is great, and all original. Compared to the modern two-tone subs this is a much more interesting piece if you ask us. The dark blue colours are absolutely stunning, visit our store to experience this yourself 😉

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