Doxa Sub 300T Orange

We like to introduce this divers watch from Doxa with a beautiful history. This rare watch dates from 1970.

In the late 1960s, Doxa decided to devote resources to create a watch to be used for diving. Tests indicated that an orange face was more visible in murky water. This beautiful vintage Diver has a rotating bezel with the official US Navy air dive table for no-decompression dives engraved onto its surface. The watch could be used to calculate decompression times, and other information useful to divers. It was rated to work 300 meters below sea level. Doxa also consulted with divers, including Jacques Cousteau, then chairman of “U.S. Divers”, and Claude Wesley (a Cousteau companion and the first man to spend seven days thirty-three feet underwater). A staff of engineers and professional divers was assembled to create a watch with required features. The Sub300t was purchased in quantity by U.S. Divers who resold the watch in the United States. This Doxa watch is equipped with the original strap.

If you want to try this watch on your wrist we welcome you in the Reestraat 3


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