Omega Chronostop ref 145.010

The Chronostop is an unusual model from Omega. The watch is very characteristic of the experimental 70s. In these years Omega brought the craziest watches on the market; some striking due to extreme case shapes, some with a striking use of color and others with exceptional uses.

The Chronostop was intended for “Drivers”, or sportier drivers. The intention was for the watch to be worn on the inside of the wrist. Because the timepiece and dial were rotated 90 degrees, the time could be read without taking the hands off the wheel. The watch was then worn on the inside of the wrist. The Chronostop also had a simple type of chronograph, suitable for taking small-time measurements. The second-hand starts to run when the button is pressed if it is pressed again (sustained!) Then the elapsed time can be read. This watch is in good condition and has been completely adjusted by our specialists. The original steel mesh band is the icing on the cake.


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