Military Timepieces – 150 years of Watches and Clocks by Konrad Knirim

In his introduction to Military Timepieces, Knirim tells the story of how he made the transition from collecting self-restored classic motorcycles to collecting military timepieces, and he pauses to acknowledge that these timepieces that he pursues were, in fact, used for the purpose of waging war. He then suggests that just as his collecting shifted from motorcycles to military timepieces, perhaps someday his interests will shift to flowers or birds. As watch collectors, we can only hope that Knirim will continue to inform our collecting and expand his range of interests and information. If at any time, his interests do move to any such subject and if he will create a similar masterpiece that so well captures this chosen subject, we can be certain that you will enjoy exploring that new subject with him . . . perhaps even as much as the subject of German military timepieces. But for now, we don’t need to worry about where Knirim’s interests may move in the future. We can enjoy his magnificent collection of information about timepieces.

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