Bulgar Time Wall Clock Viktor IVBulgar Time Wall Clock Viktor IV

Bulgar Time Viktor IV Wall Clock Limited Edition – Black

Bulgar Time wall clock works anti-clockwise! That is why the numbers are placed upside down. “The time is always now”… even when time goes backwards. This Wall Clock is a copy of VIKTOR’s original clock – with updated clockwork… but still with a personalized certificate.

VIKTOR, originally known as Walter Carl Glück, was born in New York City in 1929. With a German father and Greek mother, his diverse heritage shaped his artistic journey. In his youth, his remarkable physical prowess led him to become a champion swimmer before embarking on a globetrotting career as a professional photographer.

In 1961, Carl arrived in Amsterdam and acquired an old cargo ship, naming it after the philosopher Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau’s principles of simplicity and anti-materialism deeply resonated with Carl, prompting a transformative shift in his life. In 1963, following President Kennedy’s assassination, Carl embraced his identity as an artist, painter, and writer, adopting the name VIKTOR.

The seeds of VIKTOR’s unconventional creativity were sown when he modified the dial of a clock in a bar, removing the “6” and rearranging the other numbers. Superficially appearing normal, this tweak hinted at his unique perspective. VIKTOR termed this artistic endeavour “Bulgar Time.”

In 1980, VIKTOR unveiled a groundbreaking clock design in which the hands moved in the opposite direction, defying conventional norms. He continued to create various dials and clocks, including those turning 180 degrees, running at accelerated speeds, and working anti-clockwise.

In April 1986, VIKTOR proudly proclaimed the realization of his first limited edition clock, an endeavour that took eight years to come to fruition. He produced both wall clocks and watches, distributing them through prestigious institutions like the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Louisiana Museum in Denmark, and the OK Harris Gallery in New York.

Through his bold and innovative clockwork, VIKTOR challenged perceptions of time, reminding us that “The time is always now,” even when time appears to move backwards. Each Bulgar Time creation, including the replicated wall clock with updated clockwork, carries a personalized certificate, honouring VIKTOR’s profound artistic legacy.


  • Size
    The dial is 45 cm (diameter) Width/depth is 4,7 cm
  • Clockwork
    Anti-clock-wise quartz
  • Case & Glass
    The case is made of aluminium – a matt black colour. The glass is made of mineral glass
  • Colours
    You can choose between a black or white dial. Hands in aluminium – white/black with a touch of red/orange
  • Production:
    We are working together with a highly respected manufacturer of top-tier designer watches, with a 20-year-old track record in the market.

€ 420

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