Tudor Ref. 79260Tudor Ref. 79260

Tudor Oysterdate Ref. 79260 ‘Porcelain’ B+P

The last Oysterdate… By Tudor.

It was 1926 when Rolex introduced the Oyster-case. This brought the first real waterproof watch to the market. 1926 Also brought something else to the world; Tudor. It was no coincidence these two events happened the same year. Hans Wilsdorf, founder of both Rolex and Tudor, wanted a quality waterproof on the market, with the same Rolex standards but with a more modest price. A less costly but extremely reliable watch for the wider public. Rolex would take care of the watch-cases, bracelets, and designs. The major difference was the movement (and price of course).

Today, Rolex is probably the most well-known watch brand around the world. This brings us to Tudor, a brand whose watches have a lot of similarities with (collectable) Rolex watches, a brand with a good story, great durability, and now even a starting collectors market.

The Tudor we have on offer is one of the last pieces signed by Rolex. This is the Prince Oysterdate introduced in 1995. In the end of the 1990s Tudor obtained full autonomy over design and production of all parts. The consequences were that they would have to make all parts themselves and all Rolex branding and designs would disappear from the entire Tudor collection. So no more oyster-cases, Rolex winding crowns, no more oyster-bracelets, no more oyster on the dial. This all happened in 1999.

This Tudor Chronograph is pretty unique. The reference 79260 was introduced in 1995, named the Prince date and later the Tiger Woods. However, when you look below the date on this Tudor you’ll see Oysterdate printed in a very thin serif font, only found in 1995. It’s not just the word on the dial that’s different, it’s the entire way this dial was printed! Like in the zenith-powered Rolex Daytona and some Datejusts from the late 1980s, this white enamel dial has a zapon-layer for protection, and on top very thin black letter printing, exactly how the rare Rolex dials are made.. It gives the letter printing a more 3D look, but the overall look makes you think of Porcelain, thus the nickname.

For any customer or collector out there; this watch is amazing condition, flawless dial, and this watch comes with the original box and punched papers. Whether the Tudor collector market will take on like the vintage Rolex market is difficult to say, but this watch really has got some potential! Apart from this information overload, this Tudor is a beauty too! Panda-style chronograph from the 1990s..  First come first serve!


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