Van der Gang Ref. 20002

The Original.

Van der Gang, a dutch manufacturer competing with the Swiss luxury houses. The watch brand was founded in 2002 and in 2004 this Original watch the first watch to be launched on the market. This chronograph calendar watch had limited production numbers to keep the watch and brand exclusive and the market value stable. This piece has a silver dial and only 250 units were built.

Van der Gang is built with real precision and craftsmanship. Wybe designs everything of his watch by himself and because of his perfectionism, the finish of these watches is incredible. The 41mm. watch case is stunning with a glossy finish and beats a Portuguese 7 days a week if you ask us. The applique hour markes are elegant and have a rhodium-plated finish. The blued leaf-hands might even make you think this is a swiss piece. This watch is clean and elegant even with all the functions displayed. This piece has just been serviced at Van der Gang watches and is like new.

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Van der Gang