Universal Geneve PolerouterUniversal Geneve Polerouter

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Most people who appreciate watches will have heard of Gerald Genta. Mr. Genta might be the most well-known and respected watch designer of all time. Genta has designed the Nautilus for Patek Philippe, the Royal Oak for Audemars Piguet and much more. Multiple of his designs really had an impact on the watch market during the quartz crisis.

One of Genta’s earlier designs was for Universal Geneve; the Polerouter.  He designed this model in 1954 at the age of 23. This 34.5 mm beauty has an extremely cool appearance. Its size is modest but it doesn’t feel that small. The is partially because of the cool Bombay-lugs which really make the watch feel a bit bigger. The ‘lunette’ which is positioned under the plexiglass is slightly lifted and has an engine-turned look between the hour markers. Combine this with the slightly elevated crosshair dial, this watch really has got some depth.

This particular example is in beautiful and original condition. The silver paint on the dial has oxidized a little, however, it does complement the vintage and original look if you ask us. The oxidisation has occurred quite consistent on the silver paint but the letter printing  is untouched. Cool, unique and pretty. We have not polished the case in order to preserve the beautiful curves. Available now.


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