Tudor Princess Date Ref.92514Tudor Princess Date Ref.92514

Tudor Princess Date Ref.92514

When looking at this beautiful Tudor Princess Date, you immediately see the Rolex/Tudor connection. The similarities with the Rolex Date are striking. In fact, they share many of their parts.

Tudor was launched as Rolex’s sister brand with a simple philosophy: the same quality at a more accessible price point. This means that many of the parts were shared, except for the movement. Tudors would be equipped with a generic Swiss movement to keep the price down. And you know what? That is actually quite practical. These calibers are famously reliable and quite a lot more affordable to service than in-house Rolex calibers. So not only the purchase price is lower, the costs of maintenance are more affordable too. The true watch connoisseurs have noticed this as well, meaning prices have been steadily going up for a while now. Hopefully, they will remain the market sweet-spot though!

But let’s not get bogged down in practical stuff. Bottom line, this watch is just extremely pretty and versatile. A modest, small-size Princess with diamond markers for that little extra pizzazz. A winner, if you ask us!

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