Tudor Prince Oysterdate 38mm ref.7024/0 JUMBO

We do not have these very often at AWCo, but they hit such a sweet spot!

We all love our Rolex Datejusts, Dates, Oyster Perpetuals and the likes. But for some people they just do not tick all the right boxes. There are a couple of reasons why you might skip these Rollies. Perhaps you want a less conspicuous watch, without the famous crown. Or maybe you feel they are just a bit too small for your wrist. In both cases, here is your answer!

Tudor, of course, was founded by Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf. It was intended as a sister brand at a slightly more accessible price point and with a little more creative freedom than its conservative sibling. While today it is a separate brand entirely, back when this watch was made the two shared a lot of parts. Just look at the case back and you will see prominent double branding.

This Prince Oysterdate has that vintage Rolex feel, but it measures 38mm. A case size at least 2mm bigger than any vintage Datejust. This totally changes the way it sits on the wrist. It is an interesting watch, clearly vintage but in a contemporary size.

Anyone in the know will definitely recognize this very cool piece, but you can just as easily sail under the radar when you do not want to be flashy. A very versatile watch for the true connoisseur then!

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