Tudor Minisub Ref. 94400 ‘Princes’

A beautiful Mini-Sub for those women who are both elegant and adventurous!

Tudor has always been Rolex’s rebellious younger brother. Rolex cases, equipped with generic Swiss ebauche movements for a more accessible price point. And also a little more liberty to do something crazy every now and then, as compared to the super-conservative Rolex mother-brand. A great example of this liberty is a lady-sized Submariner. Something you will not ever find with “Rolex” on the dial.

The one on offer here comes on a jubilee bracelet and features beautifully aged Tritium on the dial and hands, adding some warmth to the black/white/steel color scheme.

Down-sizing the traditional Submariner shape like this results in something very special. It becomes a little more dressy. A little better suited to the office or a glamourous party than the full-sized variant. Still, it is unmistakeably a tool watch. Perfect for that lady who is both elegant and adventurous!

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