Rolex Yacht Master Ref. 168628

Rolex enthusiasts who dive into the history of certain models read different things about when the Yacht-Master was developed. There is a prototype of the Yacht-Master seen first in the late 60s. It even looks a little like the Paul Newman Daytona… Who knows what is in the safe of Rolex. What we do know for a fact was that the introduction of the Yacht-Master took place in 1992 on the Basel Fair.

The Yacht-Master was introduced as some sort of a luxury Submariner, even though Submarines have been made entirely in 18k gold since 1969. Why Rolex saw the need for this model is still not very clear. As a brand famous for building tool-watches, the yacht-master is a bit strange in the line-up. A lower depth-rating than the sub, but the same rotating bezel. No new functions but simply more expensive materials.. The yacht-master isn’t what you call the most practical or historical model compared to its relatives, however, this watch was destined for on the captain’s wrist on deck rather than on a diver’s wetsuit.

One of the coolest things about this Yacht-master is its size; 35mm! Some people think a 40 or 41-millimeter watch is too big. Some people might consider their job, personality, or own wrist-size when coming to such a conlcusion. For all those people who like a good Rolex tool-watch but think it’s too big, check out this piece. For both men and women, the 35mm beater is a great fit, even in gold, no.. especially in gold.

This piece is equipped with a beautiful sunburst blue dial, and contrasting red and gold letter printing. The oyster case and bracelet are in stunning condition with literally no stretch on this gold bracelet. come and visit our store to see this cool piece yourself. available now.

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