Rolex Submariner 1680 Single Red MKIV Full Set!

We are very pleased to offer you this true diving legend. You’re looking at the ‘Red’ Submariner, the very first Submariner with date window, cyclops and red printing which was produced for only 7 years.

The Red sub, reference 1680, saw its first daylight in 1966. This is the first Rolex divers watch with a date function and cyclops on the glass. The challenging thing about the cyclops on a divers watch is the fragileness of plexiglass at great depth under a lot of pressure. The cyclops and the glass could break due to the enormous pressure at 200m. depth and break the entire watch with it. Rolex reached a milestone developing a watch with beating all challenges at the time. The Submariner Date has become maybe the very most iconic divers watch of all time…

The watch has the text ‘Submariner’ printed in red on the dial, back in the day this detail was just different from what was known already, not knowing Rolex would discontinue the red printing after 7 years and change it back to regular white. This has determined the collectability of this watch for good.

Different ways were used to print the word submariner in red, resulting in in a total of 7 different dials in its 7-year production run. This is where the very small details matter. Our dial is the mark IV dial, this type can be recognised by the red paint laying a little on top of the dial, it’s printed on top of a primary white layer of white paint. This in combination with the ‘feet first’ on the dial and the ‘6’ being particularly open in the middle make this a mark IV dial, this corresponds with the year of production and it’s papers as well.

The condition of the watch is great. Matching hands and a nice patina on the tritium, no big dents on the watch or so. The oyster bracelet (slightly younger than the watch itself) is equipped on this watch with very little stretch for its age. The best part was saved for last though, we were privileged to buy this watch from the first owner. He gave us insight in the dates engraved in the case back and the history of this watch, related to his Royal Navy missions. All box, papers, tags and even the original receipt from the jewellery are present.

For the full story on this collectors piece visit our store. Don’t hesitate too long though, it’s a very interesting story..

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