Rolex Oyster Perpetual Ref. 1018

The collectible Oyster Perpetual.

When people are just starting to get a feel for vintage watches, or more specific; vintage Rolex, there’s no better option than the 1018 Oyster Perpetual (OP). Oyster Perpetual means in Rolex terms that this watch has a waterproof case and an automatic movement. The automatic movement in this model is caliber 1570. Connaisseurs will know this movement from the Datejusts from the 1960s, this is a very reliable chronometer-certified movement. Unlike the Datejust, this OP has no date-display, nor a cyclops. This design is for those who like it clean.

The problem many people have with the vintage Oyster Perpetuals is the size; 34mm is just two millimeters too small for a gentleman’s wrist. This is where things get interesting, the Oyster Perpetual with reference 1018 has a 36mm case. It is such a minor increase in diameter, but those two millimeters really matter on the wrist. Not only is the size more ideal, but this Rolex OP 1018 is also an incredibly rare watch. It was only produced for a few years and the slimmer 36 mm case was specially created for this short-produced model. If you are searching for this exact reference on either Chrono24 or Ebay you will only find a few.

Our 1018 Oyster Perpetual is equipped with a beautiful blue dial and oyster bracelet. No matter what gender you have or what day it is, anyone can wear this beauty 7 days a week. Available now.


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