Rolex GMT-Master Ref.16753Rolex GMT-Master Ref.16753

Rolex GMT-Master Ref. 16753 “Lava dial”

The GMT-Master was developed to meet the specific needs of airline pilots. It became the official watch of several airlines, among them the famous Pan American World Airways, better known as Pan Am. Its most distinguishing visual feature was the two-tone bezel which marked daytime from nighttime hours.

The popularity of the GMT Root Beer has grown considerably in the decades since its release and is no longer in production, making the two-tone Root Beer GMT 16753 an incredible find.

Prior to reference 16753, the GMT Master pilot’s watch was only available in either stainless steel or yellow gold. The rootbeer bezel is distinct, utilizing a brown and cream insert. Its resemblance to the popular soda was the inspiration behind its beloved nickname. The bezel is often accompanied by a brown dial with gold accents, lending itself to a few other nicknames as well. Somewhere in the life of this watch, the dial is replaced, but looking at it, it has been an adventure.

The 80s where all about glitter and glams, gold/steel was hot, just like nowadays, lava!!

Year 1982


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Year of production (circa)