Rolex Explorer II B+pRolex Explorer II B+p

Rolex Explorer II Ref. 16570 Full set

Here we have a modern Rolex that is still a true tool watch in execution and image. While many modern Rollies have moved from the bottom of the ocean into the boardroom, here is one that still exudes adventure in every sense.

Rolex is known for catering to niche markets. Think of the Milgauss aimed at scientists or the Sea-Dweller intended for divers who stayed submerged for multiple days on end. The Explorer II is another rather specific one, aimed at Spelunkers. That’s right, cave explorers! We all have one in the family, right?

Regardless, the result is pretty much the perfect travel watch. Built like a tank, under the radar, two timezones, ready for adventure! And actually still quite attainable, compared to some of its more hyped brothers and sisters. Will you take it on its next exploration?

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