Rolex Explorer Ii ref 16570Rolex Explorer Ii ref 16570

Rolex Explorer II Ref. 16570

Could this be the last true tool watch from Rolex?

Ok, ok, don’t shoot us straight away. We know that a modern Sea-dweller or Sub is an extremely capable tool but hear us out…

If you look at the spirit of Rolex, the daily, functional watch is their bread and butter. If it is Haute horology you are after, you are better off with Patek or A. Lange. But if you want a watch that is built for the task, to the highest standards, Rolex is your brand.

But over the last decade or so, prices have shot out of reach of the average working man and woman who used to really put their Rolly through its paces. The designs have become a little shinier and most do not leave the office environment anymore. You don’t see a banged-up modern sports Rolex very often.

Within this move towards a little more shine, the Explorer II is refreshingly toolish. It looks like a piece of hardware intended to perform a task, rather than a piece of jewelry. It is also still one of those sweet spot watches that have not inflated into the stratosphere yet.

So if you are of the adventurous inclination, this might just be the perfect Rolex for you!

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