Rolex Day Date 18038Rolex Day Date 18038

Rolex Day-Date Ref. 18038 Wooden Dial

The Rolex Day-Date watch, often referred to as the President’s watch, is highly esteemed for its elegance and prestige. This particular model stands out with its captivating wooden dial, crafted from a rich brown burled wood that harmonizes exquisitely with the yellow gold of the case and bracelet. The day and date windows, elegantly framed in yellow gold, truly enhance the watch’s visual appeal.

One exceptional feature of this watch is the concealed clasp, adding a touch of sophistication and uniqueness. In addition, it comes equipped with a German day disc, highlighting its attention to detail and international influence.

The introduction of the single-quick Day Dates in 1977 marked a significant advancement, streamlining the process of setting the watch compared to earlier Day Dates. This innovation made adjusting the time more efficient and user-friendly, ensuring a quicker and simpler experience for wearers.

The allure of Day Dates with wood dials is truly special; the natural material infuses the watch with a sense of warmth and luxury. The integration of wood in the design brings forth a distinct character that sets these timepieces apart.

This specific Day Date maintains a robust case with a clearly defined bezel and is equipped with a German day disc and accompanied by its original papers. The charm of these five-digit Day-Dates lies in their preservation of vintage proportions and style, combined with the practicality of sapphire glass that makes them perfect for everyday wear. For those attracted to the blend of yellow gold and the inviting warmth of dark wood, this watch stands out as an exceptional choice, providing a unique design coupled with everyday practicality



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Brand Rolex
Movement Automatic
Model Day-Date
Diameter 36 mm
Reference 18038
Bracelet/strap: Gold
Year of production (circa) 1982
Lug Width 20 mm
Material 18k Yellow gold
Set Content Original papers
Crystal Sapphire
Warranty 2 year (AWCo)
Dial color Brown

The president’s watch! The Rolex Day-Date is probably one of the most instantly recognizable watch designs ever made. Being only available in precious metals, it has become synonymous with success and prestige. A watch to celebrate accomplishment.

The Day-Date was launched in 1956 as the Ref. 6510 and Ref. 6511. It was the first watch to display the day of the week as well as the date, hence the name. It was updated to the Ref. 6611, adding Superlative Chronometer certification to the mix. The 6611 is the only Day-Date ever to be made in steel, but only 6 pieces are known to exist.

And then from 1959 until the late 1970’s, we see the most popular vintage Day-Date: the 1800 series. This is the archetypal Day-Date we all know and love. Lyndon B. Johnson was spotted wearing one in 1965, putting the nickname President’s watch firmly in the collective memory.

A 1977 update saw the introduction of a quickset date, in the new 18000 reference series. It wasn’t until 1988 before the 18200 series received a quickset day function, becoming the double quickset.

The Day-Date is available in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum. Countless dial variations include wood, stone and Stella options. Among the many case/bracelet finishes available, the bark is probably best known, resembling the irregular pattern of tree bark. The Day-Date is one of the few Rolex lines with factory gem-set bezels and dials as an option.

The Day-Date is an icon in pop-culture. It wasn’t just American presidents like Johnson and Kennedy who put it on the map. From Tony Soprano to Tupac Shakur, from Warren Buffett to Jennifer Aniston, they were all spotted wearing Day-Dates. Are you next?


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Year of production (circa)



18k Yellow gold



Dial color





36 mm



Lug Width

20 mm

Set Content

Original papers