Rolex Day-Date ref 1803Rolex Day-Date ref 1803

Rolex Day-Date ref. 1803 ‘Circular Grain’

Every now and then we run into a true gem of a watch. This is certainly such a case.
On offer here is a beautiful 18k yellow gold Rolex Day-Date. And not just any old Day-Date. This is a very early example from 1965, but in immaculate condition.
While there is a lot of variation in the Day-Date universe in general, early examples like this often have some special details that make them stand out. Have a look at the hands and indices. The crayon-shaped indices match the dauphine hands perfectly. A refreshing variation on the more common stick markers and pencil hands. It gives this example a little more pizzazz, if you ask us.
But there is more! Have a look at that dial. While sunburst dials are rather common, a circular grain like this is truly special. A highly attractive, yet subtle effect, accomplished by brushing concentric circles onto the blank dial. The effect echoes the circular shape of the day window perfectly.
Even the bezel is a little off the beaten tracks. This 1803 features a coin-edge bezel, reminiscent of a more common fluted bezel, but with narrower, shallower teeth.
Put it all together and you get a Day-Date that is totally different but at the same time still so clearly a true Rolex Day-Date. Very, very cool if you aks us!
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