rolex day-date 188238 B+Prolex day-date 188238 B+P

Rolex Day-Date Ref. 118238 B+P

At AWCo, obviously, we love the feel of an old Rolex. However, a vintage feel is not for everyone. Some people prefer the solid, heavy feeling of a more recent watch. If you are a member of the latter group, this is your Day-Date!

The 118238 is the natural evolution of the 18238. The big difference is in the bracelet, which is a lot heavier. Seriously, biceps guaranteed! Oh, and the lugs are polished rather than brushed.

Although this 2014 Day-Date is filled to the brim with modern technology, its design is thoroughly classic. In fact, if you look at a 1956 Day-Date, you will clearly see how this descendant shares the majority of its genes. It is still unmistakeably the watch of choice for world leaders, movie stars, and industry moguls.

So if you are into a classic design with a modern feel, come check this out!


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