Rolex Datejust smooth bezel Ref. 16000

Let’s not talk Datejust technicalities this time…you can find those anywhere.

This watch is not about the specs. This watch is about what time did to it. The silver dial has turned a subtle smokey silver. Just a little bit warmer than it used to be. But the absolute star of the show is the lume. Warm, creamy lume, almost towards custard in tone. It adds a real sense of life and warmth to the watch.

If you are into vintage watches, this one will probably bring a smile to your face!

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Talk about Datejust…what is there to tell anymore that you do not know….

Talk about vintage watches who have patina, that is something else. That we can do. Look at this reference 16000, all about details and patina. Once upon a time, the dial had a silver color. During its existence, it has changed into a kind of smokey silver. The brown suede strap from our private label is strengthening that. Wow, our vintage heart is talking…yours too?

1980 is the year of production, the year ABBA has the hit ‘the winner takes it all’, we think this Datejust ‘has’ it all!



Year of production (circa)