Rolex Datejust Ref. 69173 Full set

A beautiful lady Datejust with a special dial…

The lady Datejust needs no introduction. A near-perfect design in its subtlest sizing option. This example is executed in a combination of steel and 18k yellow gold.

The star of the show is the dial. We all know and love the jubilee bracelet, but this is the jubilee dial. In 1945, Rolex celebrated its 40th birthday with the release of the Datejust. Again 40 years later, in 1985, they celebrated the 40th birthday of the Datejust and 80th birthday of the company with a special dial. This anniversary or jubilee dial features the Rolex name as a pattern all over the dial. Combined with the playful placement of the numerals, it gives this classic watch a more contemporary appearance.

Oh…and you will never forget what brand you are wearing!


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Year of production (circa)