Rolex Datejust Ref. 16264

A 36 mm watch, which embodies 74 years of Datejust history. Many compositions have seen the light of day, one prettier than the other. Different sizes, bracelets… One thing is sure, there’s a Datejust out there that that will suit anyone. The most timeless design by Rolex is recognizable and valued all over the world, and a good watch for any day of the week.

This is relatively a more bold piece when it comes to Datejusts. The oyster bracelet makes it sporty already, but the bezel makes it almost a real sports watch. The Datejust is a dress watch and always has been. However, in the 1950s the turn-o-graph was introduced for the first time, a Datejust with revolving divers bezel like the Submariner. It wasn’t designed for real diving, but it always has been waterproof, and some sort of time measurement gimmick can never harm a watch. With its black face and diver’s bezel is some sort of hybrid between sport and dress watches. If you’d ask me, the perfect option if you think a Sub is too big. The case is spotless and the dial as well.

The condition of this watch is simply great and, of course, it comes with a warranty. Visit our store to get a hold of this watch, we’re located in the Reestraat, Amsterdam.

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