Rolex Datejust Sigma Wideboy Ref 1601

There’s Datejusts and there’s Datejusts… This piece is one of those Datejusts you don’t encounter too often. A fine vintage piece with astonishing looks and the right story.

The most produced model by Rolex of all time has existed for 74 years. During those decades Rolex has used different ways to upgrade and evolve their timeless workhorse. 74 years later there’s an enormous variation in available Datejusts, and this piece has become pretty rare and desired nowadays.

This vintage Datejust is made out of stainless steel and is equipped with the original and elegant Jubilee bracelet. A fluted bezel, a pie pan dial, all part of the iconic design, beautiful but not that special right? The dial is what makes this such a nice piece.

The grey sunburst dial was an alternative colorway at the time and was picked way less than the traditional silver or champagne colored dials. Therefore the alternative colorways are much more desirable nowadays and this grey dial is one of the prettiest we’ve seen.

The hour markers on this dial are wider than the normal stick indexes and got the nickname ‘wideboy’. This gives the watch more face and makes it easier to read the time. For the connaisseurs; below the 6 o’clock marker you can see the Sigma letter (σ), this indicated that the hour markers are made out of white gold. The Rolex service papers with this watch are the cherry on the cake.

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