Rolex Datejust ref 116200Rolex Datejust ref 116200

Rolex Datejust Ref. 116200 Fullset

If you like your watches crispy clean and bright as a daisy, this is your Datejust!

The 2007 Ref. 116200 is a bit more modern than most of our Datejusts. While it features the same 36mm case size, it has completely different proportions. Broader shoulders are accentuated by a domed, smooth bezel. The total package makes it wear significantly bigger than its more vintage ancestors.

This particular example is wearing a sporty guise. A Crispy white dial, smooth bezel, and oyster bracelet give it a tough, ready-for-life appearance. The roulette date wheel switches between red and black font.

Are you looking for a younger Datejust? This could be the one…


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