Rolex Date Ref. 6534

A real piece of vintage

The Rolex Date has been around since the early 1950s and in our opinion, these were the best years. The 34 mm. the case is a good size, for both men and women. The hands in the watch are the old school dauphine hands, this type of hands is way more interesting and elegant compared to the straight baton hands which replaced them in the early 60s. Another feature is the type of hour markers, in the 1950s Rolex still used the ‘cathedral’ markers. These sort of triangle shaped markers which have a cutout, giving the dial more contrast. These cool hour markers disappeared from the dials in the early 60s and have never returned.

The dial-in this watch makes this Date a cooler and more unique watch than others. The face of this watch shows everybody it has been in this world for a long, long time. The off white dials has developed a nice patina and it has turned in a washy light yellow colour with a bit of orange in the centre. Every dial develops its own patina as a result of UV-radiation and heat and this one is really incredible.

The condition of this watch is superb considering its age. The case has almost no wear and looks more like it’s from after the millennium. The original riveted Oyster bracelet from 1957 has little wear and still has a long life ahead of itself. The roulette date-disc finishes the cool vintage character of this watch. When it comes to cool vintage watches, this is the full package.

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