Rolex Date Ref 15200 Full set ‘Golden brown’

This is a real beauty. A super clean, minimalist Rolex with a dial you have to see in real life!

The 15200 Date is a 34mm brother to the famous Datejust. It features a more modern sapphire crystal. Great if you are prone to scratching your watches. This Date comes on an Oyster bracelet, giving it a more sporty and minimalist aesthetic.

But the real showstopper is the dial. We have nicknamed it Golden Brown, after The Stranglers hit song from 1981. While their song is about being high on heroin, we are high on this dial. A dark grey sunburst that turns to a golden brown sheen in the right light. It is really quite stunning in the flesh.

And if that is not persuasive enough for you, this beauty comes with all the required accessories to boot. Full set!

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