Rolex Date ref. 1504 MoreauRolex Date ref. 1504 Moreau

Rolex Date Ref. 1504 18k ‘Moreau’

If you are familiar with the way Rolex references are built up, you may know that the last digit of a Date reference indicates the type of finish on the bezel. The more common reference 1500 is smooth and a 1501 is engine turned, for instance.

There are a few exotic variants which can be considered rare. You may be familiar with the Tree Bark variant. Lesser known bezel finishes are Moiré, Greek key, Morellis, Zephyr, Pyramid and the one you see here: Moreau. A rich pattern that plays with the light in a mesmerizing yet subtle way.

What is even more rare is to find one with a matching yellow gold bracelet in the same finish. And the one we have here is in great condition to boot! An absolutely stunning gold Rolex in a configuration we promise you will not run into anyone else wearing!


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