Rolex Date Ref 1500

In 1945, Rolex launched an automatic watch with a date display on the market. In 1956 a day indication was added, Day-Date. These 2 models are now top of the collection. The year 1962 was the year that a 34mm watch arrived in the stable of Rolex, the Date. A watch with originally smooth bezel and Oyster strap. The timepiece is chronometer-certified, hence the text on the dial ‘superlative chronometer officially certified’. All of Rolex’s timepieces have now been tested independently and approved for many years.

The one you see here is such a classic in the making. With white dial with double hour display, Roman and steel blocks, a fresh elegant look. Yet this watch falls under the term “vintage” because it contains some vintage elements. Firstly the plexiglass, secondly the tritium beads at the hour and in the hands. This is nicely discoloured and emphasizes the vintage feeling we feel with this watch.

Ready for a Date…. with Rolex or with us. You are very welcome and we are happy to tell you about our special collection of vintage watches.

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