Rolex Cellini 18k Ref. 4089

The king gasped in amazement’

Rolex is famous for many reasons. Quality, innovate, luxurious, etc. The ‘professional’ tool watches from the fifties made them immaculate in the watch industry. The men who wanted to be a or feel like a pilot bought a GMT like a diver bought a Submariner like a scientist bought an Explorer and so on. But in the sixties a new line was born, Cellini. Named after a master goldsmith Benvenuto Cellini who led the 16th century in a new way. He developed new methods of engraving, casting metal and setting precious gems. He created perfection!

Nowadays it is common to own several watches, back in the days it was not. In 1963 appeared the idea to own several Rolex watches for the first time in their ads. In those days Oleg Cassini was a famous couturier, dressed actresses and also Jacky Kennedy as she was the first lady. He created the Jacky Kennedy look, a new look of refinement, elegance and natureless. ‘Elegance is a state of mind’ – Oleg Cassini.

So talking about the Jack Kennedy elegance what you think about this white gold watch? It is in a really mint condition and comes with Rolex original papers and Rolex service papers 2019. The shape is so ‘sharp’ it is like NOS. A jewel in disguise for everyone! It is a watch you must see on the wrist, so ‘slim’ it looks, it really is. In the seventies, the design of watches changed, more colourful, cases became bulkier. But not the design of the Rolex Cellini line. What makes the watch more special is the Arabic numerals, you do not see this much.

We can go one and one about this watch…but this watch you have to see on the wrist. If you are a little bit spooked by the pictures then come to our store en let the beauty enchant you! Be welcome.


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