Rolex Air-King Ref. 5500

A surgically clean design.

The Rolex Air-King was introduced in 1945 with a specific target audience: pilots. Of course, we all know the GMT-master which is a legendary pilot’s watch, but the Air King wasn’t built as the functional friend to pilots on intercontinental flights. It was a watch that was often given to pilots as a token of appreciation when they retired or if they had successfully completed a certain challenge. Over the years the Air-King has evolved, but it always has been the Rolex whose simplicity is its primary charming character.

The piece that we’re offering here has the cleanest composition imaginable. It starts with the silver-colored dial, timeless and uniform with the stainless steel case and bracelet. Next, a domed bezel, smooth and more modest compared to a fluted one. The Oyster bracelet finishes this piece and this one still has got a long life ahead of it.

Visit our store to see this clean and fine watch, among many others. We’re located in the Reestraat, Amsterdam.

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