Rolex Air King Ref. 14000 Black

The Rolex Air-King, introduced in 1945 and never left the Rolex collection. The Air-King may be a modest and simple Rolex, but it has been going strong for a longer time than the Daytona, Submariner, and the GMT-master. Maybe it is because of its simplicity and lack of functions that the Air-King doesn’t have the reputation of the icons mentioned above, however, this watch is a great piece for every occasion, man or woman.

The diameter of this watch is 34mm, a size which many would call small today. Back in 1945, this was relatively big size, and with the Oyster-bracelet equipped this piece will really not look small at all. This Rolex, like many, simply has a solid appearance and is present on the wrist in the right way. It’s not that flashy since it has no fluted bezel, the domed bezel just keeps it clean and simple. This piece has a black dial, which is a lot rarer compared to the white and silver dials often found in this model. It enhanced the classic sporty appearance many people like about Rolex.

The condition of this Air-King is super, definitely when considering it already has 22 years of experience. This beauty is available now, visit our store or contact us by any means for more information. We’re located in the Reestraat, Amsterdam.


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