Patek Philippe Anual calender ref. 5046 B+PPatek Philippe Anual calender ref. 5046 B+P

Patek Phillipe Anual Calender Ref. 5146 Platinum B+P

Success is getting what you want, Happiness is wanting what you get. And who wouldn’t want such a piece?

You’re looking at an annual calendar by Patek Phillipe. The brand’s slogan ‘You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation’ didn’t really come true for this piece, however, divorces do happen whether you like it or not, so we’re really glad to have this very special watch on offer.

Owning a Patek Philippe is something many men desire and the reason why becomes clearly visible when looking at this piece. The detail on the dial, the finish on the movement. The brand’s reputation? Undisputable. It’s quality? Unrivaled. We can only think of good things going for the watch and brand.

Moreover, Patek Philippe is a brand known for using a lot of precious metals on its watches, definitely on the watches featuring complications… like this piece, this Patek Philippe is made out of the most precious metal of all; Platinum. Of course, the material doesn’t determine the watch, but this is without a doubt a screamer already. Luckily the Swiss watch manufacturer develops movements that are just as impressive as the craftsmanship and materials they use. The movement in this piece was introduced in 2005. This was a newly developed movement that brought some updates to the already amazing calendars Patek had built.

The case grew to 39mm., the perfect size for many men. A 39mm watch case out of Platinum is pretty present on the wrist by the way, it feels like a serious watch but in a good way, it feels like the perfect weight distribution on the wrist. The movement was upgraded with a moon-phase and power-reserve indicator as well, much more than just a calendar… but still, the dial feels incredibly clean, not to even mention the dial colour.

The condition is mint, and the composition is beautiful. This Patek just had a full service at Patek Philippe and this set is more than complete. Box, certificate, service papers, the first owner did look after it well, however, it is for sale again and available now.

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