Patek Philippe Ref. 3572 Full set

You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.

This Patek Philippe is from 1972, and what a stunner. This classy dress watch is definitely ready to survive a few more generations. Nobody can predict what exactly will be the trends of tomorrow or the styles of next year. Not all designs age well with time, while others seem to become prettier by the day. This Patek Philippe rectangular dress watch has easily beaten the challenge of a timeless design and has only become more beautiful if you ask us.

The rectangular case with edgy lugs still looks very sharp and clean. The beautiful yellow gold case has a perfect size. Yes, it’s a modest size, but that makes this watch so much more elegant.

The dial is what makes this piece to another level. The blue so-called ‘Dacron Dore’ sigma dial is really incredible. The pattern is best described as a rough Florentine finish in the blue painted dial. It gives the watch an extra dimension, while it only has gold applied indexes on the quarters. So clean but so interesting. This dress watch has just returned from Patek Philippe’s service center and it comes with a box, papers, and service papers.


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Patek Philippe

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